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Sweet potato, Ipomoea batatas / Convolvulaceae
Benefits for the health
The coloration of sweet potatoes is due to the content of carotenoids, reason why farmers are encouraged to cultivate varieties rich in pro-vitamin A carotenoids in countries where there is a deficiency of produce containing vitamin A. Regarding nutrition, sweet potatoes contain around 100 kcal/100 g, mainly thanks to carbohydrates (starch and sugar, 20-25 g/100 g). They are basic food in many populations, contributing to a great extent to the consumption of a great part of nutrients, particularly vitamin C (23 mg/100 g), for which the daily recommended consumption is around 60 mg/day. It is also good for children and widely accepted thanks to its sweet taste.
Popular tradition
Thanks to its combination of nutrients and its rich content of carbohydrates, one can say that it is a regenerative food of high energetic value. It has a high concentration of vitamin A, and significant percentage of vitamin E, C and folic acid. The latter is fundamental for the formation and maturation of red and white corpuscles, apart from its participation in the cellular multiplication and the tissues’ development.

It is also a good source of potassium, although it is found in lower percentage than in potatoes. The percentage of sodium is greater than in potatoes and it has a significant amount of phosphorus, which is important for the activity of nerves and muscles.
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