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Sweet potato, Ipomoea batatas / Convolvulaceae
The chief varieties cultivated according to Sobrino Illescas and Sobrino Vesperinas are five: "Amarilla de Málaga’, "Rosa de Málaga’, "Violeta Roja’, "Lisa de Tucumán", and "Georgia Jet".

- "Amarilla de Málaga’: Variety of great quality, extremely sweetened and of late cycle. The tuberose roots are elongate, with a smooth and yellow skin and flesh.

- "Rosa de Málaga’: It bears oblong tuberose roots, of somewhat variable shape, a bit more bulky in one of its ends, with longitudinal furrows. Pink rind and yellow, very fine flesh, relatively sweetened. Of quite early cycle and good yield.

- "Roja Violeta’: Variety bearing long and thin tuberose roots, tapered in the ends, with more or less separated grooves, although the skin is even, of a red and somewhat violet colour. Its meat is slightly pink under the skin and white inside. It is strongly sweetened and scented, and a bit farinose, too.

- "Lisa de Tucuman": Its origin is Argentina, and it bears fusiform tuberose roots, of even surface and uniform size, with a very sweet taste. Precocious cycle and good yield. It is characterized by its resistance to cracking, to conditions of drought and excess of moisture.

- "Georgia Jet": North American origin. The tuberose roots are of an intermediate type between a rounded and tapered shape. Even surface and orange flesh. It grows very fast and it can be harvested in 90 days with a good yield.

Apart from these varieties, Maroto adds the following: "Sweet white potato’, "Red Sweet potato from America’, "Centennial", "Jaspers", "Pecanha rosa’, "Onokeo’, "Catemaco’, "Dulce’, "Nemagold", etc.
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