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Artichoke, Cynara scolymus / Compositae (Asteraceae)
The packaging varies according to the destiny of the produce, whether it is intended for the domestic market or for the exterior market.

The prepackaging is not normally used with this species, although there are individual wrappings such as retractile or extended plastic films, plastic bags, small trays covered with plastic materials or mesh sacks.

The packaging is made in plastic boxes of 18kg or wood packages of 10kg. For export they generally use pallets of wood, covered with paper, containing 7kg. This package is mainly used to export to France and Italy. For the United Kingdom and Germany they use wood packages of 3.5 and 4kg.

In France they use packages of 5 and 10kg, whereas in the United States they normally use cardboard boxes containing between 9 and 11,3kg.
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