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Leek, Allium porrum / Liliaceae (Alliaceae)
Leeks are pre-packaged in many different ways. Stretchable plastic films, plastic sacks or trays covered with plastic are used to package only the whitened area. The horizontal packaging or flow-pack is also used.

The most frequent way to display leeks in Spain is manually tied in bunches of 2-3 pieces, usually with all the roots; the leaves are slightly cut. In France, the bunches are marketed by weight. For that purpose they sell four or five pieces of 200 to 250g to make 1kg.

Another possible display are baby leeks. This type of leek is harvested with a diameter of 1-2cm; the leaves and the roots are remove. They are washed and pre-packaged in plastic covered trays. These small bags are packaged in cardboard trays.
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