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Leek, Allium porrum / Liliaceae (Alliaceae)
The different cultivated varieties of leek are classified according to the length of white base of the plant, thus existing long, short and semi-long leeks. Among the long varieties are included "Colonna’, "Argenta’ and ‘Helvetia’. Among the short and semi-long ones we find "Grueso de Rouen", "Malabare’ and " Electra’.

They can also be classified according to their adaptation to a given productive cycle. Thus, there are summer, autumn and winter varieties, that are distinguished for the length, diameter and consistency of the stem, as well as the intensity of their flavour. In general, winter leeks are thicker and of stronger taste. The summer varieties are usually smaller, tender, of smooth and delicate taste, although they sometimes show a woody heart, diminishing their quality.

Another criteria of classification of this species are its productivity, the basal bulb formation (lack or hardly developed), the colour of the leaves, etc.

At present there are some new varieties that are increasingly used, like "Poribleu’, "Carlton F1" and "Newton F1".
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