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Tomato, Lycopersicon esculentum / Solanaceae
The consumption of fresh tomatoes is favoured by the present tendencies towards a healthier feeding. In the Spanish market, a part of the produce is marketed in bulk, in boxes of 20kg, although most of it is sold in boxes of less capacity, alveoli or simple trays, in small boxes of ¼ and ½kg for cherry tomatoes or in clusters including the rachis. The latter, which are not intended for bulk sale, go through different processes of storage, cleaning, selection... Afterwards, they are transported to their destiny, where they are packaged for their distribution and sale. The prepackaging of tomatoes is made in a wide range of sizes and types. Besides, in their manufacture they use various materials: in baskets or boxes, covered with stretchable or flow pack plastic film, in tubular meshes, mesh bags, plastic bags, flow pack without tray, etc. Cherry tomatoes are also packaged as pre-washed produce for them to be consumed in salads.

Concerning tomatoes for industry, there is a great diversity of presentations, on their own or as part of pre-cooked foodstuffs. Thus, we find for instance the peeled natural tomato and concentrate tomato, that are used in cooking as substitutes of the fresh tomato. The concentrate tomatoes are also an important raw material for a second processing of sauces, precooked food, etc. Tomato juice is also a type of consumption. Nevertheless, the second processing products are the most used. In Spain, the most consumed by-products are ketchup, fried tomato, cocktail sauce, barbecue sauce... Tomatoes are also part of multiple precooked dishes in the present fast food, like pizzas, meat or fish prepared dishes... Tomatoes intended for the industry are transported in bulk to the factories.
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