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Garlic, Alium sativum / Liliaceae (Alliaceae)
The garlic that was typically cultivated in countries like Spain were native varieties, obtained from the original variety. These varieties have been replaced by others imported from other countries, searching for better yield, less diseases problems and the culture adaptation to mechanisation.

The varieties of garlic are classified according to different criteria, like the colour of the covers, earliness, the blooming capacity, etc.

Depending on the time they need to sprout, the varieties are classified in early varieties (15-20 days), half-early (20-40 days), average (40-70 days) and late varieties (more than 70 days). According to the period of maturation in France, the following types are regarded: early type (15-20 May), half-early (20 May-5 June), average (5 June-15 June), semi-late type (15-30 June) and late (30 of June or later).

In Spain there are basically two varietal groups of garlic:

White garlic: it is a rustic plant, of good yield and satisfactory preservation. It is usually consumed dry. Some of the varieties are " Ajo Blanco Común" and " Fino de Chinchón".

Pink garlic: their covers are of a reddish colour. They are badly preserved, so they are usually consumed before the previous ones. Some of these varieties are " Ajo Canario’, " Rojo de Provenza’ and " Rosa Temprano’.
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