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Garlic, Alium sativum / Liliaceae (Alliaceae)
Garlic are displayed loose, in bunches or strings; the stems are plaited and tied with cobbler’s thread or raffia. This presentation is less and less frequent in modern distribution.

The most common garlic pre-packagings are tubes or mesh sacks of 250, 500 or 1000g.; it is also usual to group them in a given number, two, three or four. Another method used is " stockings", consisting of a mesh in which is placed a flat cardboard with tear shape. The product is arranged on it. Baskets or boxes covered with plastic are employed as well.

It is frequent to find garlic packaged in " flow-pack", in attractively printed plastics. The packaging by units enables the labelling, making the payment easier; this has caused the non-existence of strings and bunches in great surfaces.

Concerning packaging, the previous standard for foreign trade specified the dimensions and weights allowed. Thus, garlic could be transported in boxes or sacks of 5 and 10kg net weight. The bunches were packaged in sacks, up to 25kg net weight, whereas the strings were placed in boxes of 10kg net weight, or in bulk for road transport.

In the United States, the most usual packages are cardboard boxes of 13.6kg, whereas the European preferences are units of 5kg and packages containing 12 meshes of 2kg.
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