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Pea, Pisum sativum / Leguminosae (Fabaceae)
Turchi divides the pea varieties in groups: dwarf peas (35-60 cm), semi dwarf peas (60-70 cm) or creeping (100-180 cm). According to the seed’s characteristics, they are classified into even or wrinkled varieties, white or green.

Varieties of even rounded seed

a) Creeping
- "Principe Alberto’: 100 cm high, precocious, low yield.
- "Express": 100 cm high, precocious, scarce production. Cycle 70-75 days.
- "Michaux de Holanda’: 130 cm high, precocious, productive.
- "Rey de las conservas": 140 cm high, green seeds, cycle between 75-78 days. Highly productive plant.

b) Dwarf
- "Petit Provenzal or Negret": 40 cm high, precocious, highly productive.
- "Voluntario’: Relatively high: 55-65 cm. Average to late precociousness. Wide and large pods, with 7-9 thick seeds.

Varieties of wrinkled seed

a) Creeping
- "Senador": 90-100 cm high, highly productive, optimal taste. Cycle: 75-80 days.
- "Teléfono trepador": 130 cm high, productive, very long pod with seeds of excellent quality. Cycle 80-85 days.
- "Alderman": Variety of straight and extremely long pod.

b) Semidwarf
- "Teléfono semienano’: 60-70 cm high, highly productive, extremely long pod, seed of excellent taste.
- "Lincoln": 70-80 cm high, adapted to spring-summer culture.

c) Dwarf
- "Orfeo’: 40-50 cm high, large pod, wrinkled seeds, very precocious.
- "Arkel": Productive, large pod, wrinkled and green seed. Resistant to fusarium.
- Also: "Oberon", "Myzam", "Kalife’.

d) Varieties for industry
- "Zenit": Highly productive variety, but with a small amount of seeds, size 7-10, the limit of size allowed.
- "Juwel": With a high percentage of seeds 7-10 and a production of 6,500 kg per hectare of fresh seeds.
- "Monopol": 90% of seeds over the size of 7-10 and a production of 5,000 kg of podded peas.
- Some optimal varieties are the following: "Corky", "Oney", "NZ3080", "Pixie’, "Yukon", "Alaska 7".
- For freezing: "Freezer 69", "Freezer 626". "Sprite’, "Freezer 640", etc.

e) Peas that are fully consumed
- "Carouby de Maussane’: Creeping variety, violet flowers, flat and fleshy pod, blond-green colour.
- "Tirabeque’ (edible-poddedpea): Creeping variety, bent, truncated wide pod of green colour.
These peas are barely appreciated. They are chiefly cultivated for export.
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