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Raspberry, Rubus idaeus / Rosaceae
Benefits for the health
Raspberries contain iron, vitamin C, folate, fibre and flavonoids. A ration of 125 g provides with 40% of the daily recommended consumption of vitamin C. The antioxidant properties of vitamin C help to protect against several types of cancer and to intensify the immunological functions. Folate has a beneficial action in our nervous system. Flavonoides are compounds whose antioxidant activity helps to protect against heart diseases and cancer. Among the nutrients occurring in raspberries we find vitamin E, which is useful for the absorption of iron and vitamin C. Besides, raspberries contain vitamins of the B group that favour the metabolism of the energy and play an important role in the period of growth.
Popular tradition
This fruit contains some properties with some benefits on the swollen buccal mucous and the epidermis with dilated sanguineous capillaries. The pulp can be used as a facial mask.

The baking of the leaves, which are rich in tannin, pectins, essential oils and citric acid, is used to de-congest, both for external as for internal use.

At present this fruit has a great acceptance thanks to its content in anthocyans, whose pigment is used in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and nutritional field.
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