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Chinese cabbage, Brassica rapa / Cruciferae (Brassicaceae)
Chinese cabbages, at present, are available all the year round, since they are cultivated in different countries and there are varieties adapted to all the seasons.

Although Chinese cabbages are not well-known in Europe yet, every day they spread more and more. In the Asian countries they are widely consumed throughout the year, and in some places of the Far East it is considered the vegetable that contributes with greater amount of vitamins.

Since it is a fragile and delicate product, its export from these countries is not very frequent; thus, its consumption in Europe is mainly based on its own production. Since there are different varieties, they are produced all the year round, and therefore consumed in any season.

Taking as example the United Kingdom market, we observe the availability of Chinese cabbages in this country, as well as export countries and the weight of the packages depending on the origin.
OriginAvailability in markets of the United KingdomWeight of the package
AustraliaAccording to the market demandVarious
AustriaEnd of September-February10/15kg
DenmarkAccording to the market demandVarious
HungaryAccording to the market demandVarious
The NetherlandsAll the year round7/8kg
United Kingdom  
domestic marketJune-mid of NovemberVarious
Exterior marketJune-mid of November 
The United StatesNovember-beginning of April12/13kg

Source: Fresh Produce Desk Book (1998)
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