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Chinese cabbage, Brassica rapa / Cruciferae (Brassicaceae)
Chinese cabbage
Although we know several types of Chinese cabbage, the most spreaded in Europe is the ‘pe-tsai’ type, that forms a lengthy heart resembling lettuces. There are many varieties, classified according to their earliness, being early, semi-late and late varieties.

- Early varieties: in Spain they are sown in spring or summer, and they cover the cycle in less than 70 days. Some varieties are Nagaoka, Spring and Hong-Kong.

- Semi-late varieties: in Spain they are sown at the beginning of summer or autumn and they are harvested after 80 days. Some varieties are Kasumi, Yoko and Okido.

- Late varieties: in Spain they are sown at the end of September and harvested in winter. Among others we find " Snow Mountain" and " Tardisto’.

Among these cabbages, the shape of the heart distinguishes two great variety groups, those that form a compact and lenghty heart and the others that form a tight and rounded heart.
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