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Beetroot, Beta vulgaris var. esculenta / Chenopodiaceae
Benefits for the health
The beetroot is an excellent source of a wide range of nutrients among which stand out the carbohydrates, fibre, minerals (potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorus and sodium) and vitamins (pro-vitamin A, niacin and vitamin C). Its content of folate, a vitamin belonging to group B, is also significant. Folate is important for the normal development of cells. It has also been proved that the high consumption of folate is important for a healthy pregnancy, apart from protecting against cardiovascular diseases and cancer.
Popular tradition
Beetroot is a good protector for the circulatory apparatus. It protects against cardiovascular diseases, the cholesterol deposits and the cellular deterioration.

It also produces a great diuretic effect, promoting the elimination of salts and uric acid. It relieves the symptoms caused by liquids’ retention and oedemata. It has a significant content of fibre, similar to that of other roots, conferring it a laxative effect, preventing from constipation and soothing its symptoms. The consumption of the green leaves of the upper part of the root provide with betacarotenes, calcium and iron.
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