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Beetroot, Beta vulgaris var. esculenta / Chenopodiaceae
There are three types of beet (Beta vulgaris ssp. vulgaris), of which the common or red beetroot (conditive variety) is consumed as a vegetable. Within this type we distinguish three more types according to their shape and size: spherical, elongate and intermediate.

The other varieties are sugar beet (var. altissima), of white colour and chiefly intended for the sugar industry and mangelwurzel (var. alba) that is widely used as cattle food.

Maroto classifies table beets (common or red beet) in two commercial groups according to the shaoe of the " roots’:
- Elongate: "Larga Roja Virtudes", "Larga de Covent-Garden", "Cylindra’, "Crapaudine’, "Cheltenham" (up to 30-40 cm long).
- Rounded or flat-topped: "Roja de Egipto’, "Roja Globo’, "Detroit Mejorada’, "Bikores", "Globe-Rondarka’, "Dwegina’, "Boltardy", "Redpack", "Globe-Faro’, "Detroit-Precoz", "Detroit-Nero’, "Detroit Dark-Red", "Negra de Egipto raza Emir", " Monopoly", "Aplastada de Egiptó.

This second type of table beets (rounded and flat-topped) is the most cultivated and the one preferred for exportation.
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