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Corn salad, Valerianella locusta / Valerianaceae
Benefits for the health
The corn salad is low in fat and free of saturated fats and cholesterol. It is also low in sodium and a good source of vitamin C. Even though there are other factors affecting the development of cancer and heart diseases, diets with a low content of saturated fat and cholesterol may provide a protective effect. This plant is, among the leafy vegetables, the best source of iron. Besides, it supplies 5 times more pro-vitamin A carotenoids and 3 times more vitamin C than lettuces. The corn salad is a good source of potassium, which intensifies the immunological system and protects against cardiovascular diseases. The greener the leaves, the greater the healthy properties.

Popular tradition
Magnesium is one of its main components, along with potassium and iron. Magnesium is the main antagonist of natural calcium, preventing its excessive flow, for instance in the cells of the cardiac muscle. This is why it is extremely effective in people suffering from cardiac problems, angina or heart attacks. Magnesium increases vitality and the capacity of concentration, being the most important mineral to fight stress.

It has a great amount of iron, which is part of the red corpuscles and transports oxygen for the cellular respiration.

It also contains betacarotene, the previous step for the synthesis of vitamin A and the chief protector for mucous.

Thus, corn salad is useful to fortify the heart and to prevent cardiac disorders, to activate the cellular metabolism, to increase the capacity to bear stress, to improve the capacity of physical effort and to increase vitality, to fortify the mucous of the organism, to improve the concentration capacity, to strengthen the immune system and to protect the cells.

This plant has no contraindications with respect to its consumption.
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