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Aubergine, Solanum melongena / Solanaceae
Among the methods used for pre-packaging this species we find individual paper wrapping (barely used nowadays), retractable or stretchable film and the in plastic bags. The problems found in closed plastic bags are avoided with orifices.

Flow pack is also used with or without trays, usually covered with stretchable plastic film. According to the size of the aubergines, they are normally pre-packaged in individual units.

The most common size and capacity in packaged aubergines are the following:

Size (mm)Capacity (kg)
400 x 300 x 1305-6
500 x 300 x 1205-6
600 x 400 x 955-6
400 x 300 x 1808
500 x 300 x 18010

Source: Posrecolección de hortalizas (1999)

The boxes containing aubergines in bulk include mulching materials such as cellophane or wood shavings and paper separators in order to prevent the rubbing of the vegetables against each other and with the walls of the package. The package is usually wrapped with a sheet of paper.

Aubergines are packaged in boxes in bulk or arranged in layers; the number of units varies depending on the size.
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