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Apricot, Prunus armeniaca / Rosaceae
Apricots are put mainly in three types of packages: boxes up to 5 kg of weight, prepared for free sale service, expanded polystyrene trays; expanded cardboard or in packages called flow-pack.

Small boxes of 1 kg are also available for direct sale.

Lately, in order to make the purchase easier and to avoid damages caused by handling, the apricots are arranged in expanded polystyrene trays with plastic film. It is also more attractive for the consumer and it preserves the organoleptic characteristics.

Among the late trends in packaging for this type of fruit we find the flow-pack , a small transparent plastic PVC basket in which the apricots are arranged. This container is wrapped in a creased and transparent plastic with small holes to let out the gases produced by the fruit breathing. These packages usually have a plastic string or a similar material for an easier handling. It is very frequent to see this type of package for other fruit such as plums or strawberries.
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