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Cherimoya, Annona cherimola / Annonaceae
The different botanical groups of custard apples are graded according to the irregularities of the fruit skin:

’Printed’ shape: the fruit shows some smooth depressions that resemble finger prints.

’Smooth’ shape: the skin has few ridges.

"Umbronata’ shape: the skin forms abrupt ridges.

"Mamillata’ shape: the skin has sunk areas on its surface with long and fleshy tips.

"Tuberculata’ shape: heart-shaped fruit, showing a kind of warts on its surface.

This classification is somewhat doubtful, since in the same tree there may appear fruits which are more or less wrinkly. Within these types many varieties are known. In Spain the most used are "Fino de Jete’, "Campa’, "Pacica’ and "Bonita’. The varieties "Pacica’ and" "Fino de Jete’ show a bright and smooth skin of pale green colour. "Bonita’ is original from California, and it is less smooth and of darker colour, thus less attractive.
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