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Carrot, Daucus carota / Umbelliferae (Apiaceae)
The carrot is available all the year round, thanks to the great range of varieties that exists, adapted to different climates and culture periods. Therefore, the carrot is harvested according to the type of carrot we want to commercialize.

Both the carrot in bunch as the baby carrots are available every month of the year. The same happens with the pre-cut products, the grated and the sliced carrot.

As an example we can take the United Kingdom market. The following table gathers the countries that supply this market and the time of the year when they do so. The weight of the transport packages is also indicated.
OriginMonths of availability in the United KingdomWeight of the packages
AustraliaAccording to the market demandsVarious
BelgiumAll the year round10/12kg
CyprusAccording to the market demands19kg
DenmarkAccording to the market demands10kg
Guatemala (baby carrot)According to the market demandsVarious
Irish RepublicMay-March12,5kg
The Netherlands bunchApril-December12 bunches
WashedAll the year round9kg/12 bunches
ThailandAll the year roundVarious
United Kingdom  
Main harvestEnd of June-May12/13kg
The United StatesFebruary-May48x500g
Zambia (baby carrot)All the year round200g/250g//12,5kg

Source: Fresh Produce Desk Book (1998)
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