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Carrot, Daucus carota / Umbelliferae (Apiaceae)
At the moment there exists a large number of carrot varieties with a great diversity of shapes, colours and culture period. All these varieties are grouped in types, among which we find Danvers, Imperator, Nantes, Touchon, Flakee, Amsterdam, Paris and Chantenay. In Spain, carrots are cultivated in the area of Segovia and Valladolid and in the area of Cádiz.

The number of carrot varieties cultivated increases every day, mainly due to the hybrid varieties, that make up a very diverse group concerning types, shape, colour and vegetative cycle.

Throughout its culture, the root has undergone a long evolution, obtaining varieties free from green tops, with a more or less thick and less fibrous core, and with an intense and regular colouring. The diverse varieties are grouped in different types, among which we find Danvers, Imperator, Nantes, Touchon, Flakee, Amsterdam, Paris and Chantenay .

- Danvers: the carrots of this type have an average to large length, with a wide top and pointed.

- Imperator: it is much more slender in the top area than the previous type and quite longer.

- Nantes: these carrots have a cylindrical, straight and even shape. Both the top and the base are round or blunted. This is the main type consumed fresh.

- Flakee: this type has big, long and conical roots, with vigorous leaves. It is both intended for fresh market and the industry.

- Paris: these carrots are characterized by a blunted end and smaller size.

- Chantenay: they are a bit longer than the Paris type and they are pointed.

The types mainly intended for the industry are Amsterdam and Flakee.

The main varieties cultivated in Spain correspond to the Nantes and Amsterdam types for fresh consumption (washed and bunches) and the Chantenay type for the industry.

In Spain, the varieties are classified according to the producing areas, standing out Segovia, whose production spreads from summer until the end of winter, and Cádiz, Córdoba and Granada, supplying in spring. Among the varieties cultivated in Spain we find Predor, Nanda, Concerto, Nandrin, Valor, Maestro, Tino...
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