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Carrot, Daucus carota / Umbelliferae (Apiaceae)
Benefits for the health
The carotene is a liposoluble substance that gives the carrot’s characteristic colour. In fact, the substance name comes from this vegetable, from which the carotene was isolated for the first time. There are two types of carotene: beta and alpha-carotene, that are pro-vitamin A compounds.

In the human body, these carotenoids give rise, with different levels of effectiveness, to vitamin A. They become the most important source of vitamin A in diets with small quantities of this vitamin or with no products of animal origin. Vitamin A is essential for sight, growth, the development of bones, to keep the body’s tissues, reproduction and the development of the hormonal role and the Co-enzymes. Among the people, the high consumption of carrots has been associated to a decrease of the risk of contracting cancer in several parts of the body. The consumption of carrots provides a good level of antioxidant vitamin E and fiber, and it also helps to reduce cholesterol levels in the blood.
Popular tradition
The carrot has many medicinal properties. Popular culture recommends its consumption in infusions, juices, broths or syrups to fight against some aches and diseases, such as anaemia, constipation or arteriosclerosis.

The carrot has many healing properties. It fights anaemia, increasing the number of red corpuscles and the haemoglobine, it is mineralizer, tonic, gastric and intestinal healer, depurative, diuretic, carminative and vermifugal. It also rejuvenates the tissues and the skin and activates the healing of wounds, ulcers and burns.

In external use it is recommended to cure sores, ulcers, burns, furuncles, eczemas, shingles, chilblains, chaps and abscesses.

The procedures vary according to the use. In some cases the juice is drunk directly, with honey, milk or on its own. In other cases the carrot soup or the infusion are recommended.
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